How To Care For A Burgundy Rubber Plant 2021

How To Care For A Burgundy Rubber Plant. A rubber plant losing leaves can be a sign of overfertilizing. Add equal parts of quality peat moss, sand, and garden loam.

how to care for a burgundy rubber plant
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Another part of rubber plant care involved dusting. Avoid temperatures below 55 degrees, sudden temperature drops, or cold drafts.

300mm Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica Burgundy Rubber

Burgundy rubber tree grows finest when provided with consistent, bright, and indirect light. Caring for a rubber plant is not exactly very demanding.

How To Care For A
Burgundy Rubber Plant

Here are some tips and tricks on how to best grow your burgundy rubber tree.If the leaves are stained, mix a tiny amount of liquid hand soap in the water to.If you can give it just the right amount of both, you’ll have a happy, strong and tall rubber tree.If you want your tree to grow evenly, be sure to turn it periodically.

If your rubber plant leaves are just lightly dusty, simply take a damp sponge, cloth, or paper towel and gently wipe the.In any case, stop fertilizing over the.It likes just the right amount of sun and water.It’s easy to care for your rubber tree.

Make sure it has bright light or high light.Mist the rubber plant with room temperature water several times weekly.Next, remove any leaves immediately above and below the area where you will be rooting the stem, then take a sharp knife and carefully remove a 1.No fertilizer is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows.

Once the plant begins to mature and grow in height it’s common to train and support the trunk and branches by staking or tying them back to keep them growing upright.Once the water has sat in the dish for about 15 minutes, you can safely assume no more water will be reabsorbed and you can dump the remaining water from the dish.Others give the plant a balanced fertilizer at ½ dilution every month during the warm months.Placing it indoors at a sunny spot where sheer curtains filter the light is perfect for the plant.

Read my article about increasing humidity for your indoor plants for more information.Repot in the spring, using a 2 bigger pot to keep the roots drier.Rubber plants will tell you if they need more sunlight or water if.Rubber trees prefer a medium amount of indirect light, but the variegated version needs some extra light to keep its beautiful variegated sunlight, however, will be too much for this plant and will burn it.

Some growers feed only once a year in the spring.The ficus burgundy plant is an excellent indoor houseplant for any room in the house including offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, or sunrooms.The first step in propagating a rubber tree with air layering is to choose a stem to make into a new plant.The great news is that rubber trees don’t need a lot of fussing over.

The key to rubber plant care is balance.The large leaves of the “burgundy” rubber plant tend to collect dust, so wipe them off with a moist soft cloth.The leaves of the tree have a texture which collects dust easily.The low maintenance qualities allow it to be grown almost anywhere and with ease!

The soil will drain quickly enough for the rubber tree to feel right at home.The stem should be at least 12 inches (30.5 cm.) long, but can be longer if you would like.There are a few ways to clean the leaves on your rubber plant and it’s easy to clean rubber plant leaves one by one because they’re so big.These plants can tolerate low light but tend to become leggy and fade in color.

They work hard cleaning the air, and have a high transpiration rate, increasing a room’s humidity levels.This species is quite an easy plant to care for and can grow well on low light.This will avoid the wet, soggy conditions that rubber trees despise.Water your ficus through a series of misting sessions when apprehensive about the amount of water you are using.

Water your rubber tree when the soil is slightly dry to the touch.Watering too often may cause leaf yellowing.Watering your plant without these means that your rubber plant sits in water, increasing the chances of root rot.When you are watering your rubber plants, make sure to thoroughly wet the soil until water drains into the plant dish from the bottom of your pot.

While this plant is relatively easy to care for, growers often complain about burgundy leaves turning yellow, a problem caused by overwatering.You don’t have to fertilize a rubber plant heavily:You need to prune the tops of the rubber tree from time to time to remove leggy growth or if it’s too tall for an indoor tree.

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