How To Diffuse Curly Hair Without A Diffuser Ideas

How To Diffuse Curly Hair Without A Diffuser. 12 tricks to modify the curly girl method for wavy hair. A diffuser attachment can connect to any blow dryer so you can use its functions.

how to diffuse curly hair without a diffuser
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A diffuser is just about the only drying tool that won’t disturb your curl pattern. A diffuser is known to be a gift to friiz free curls.

10 Best Diffusers For Curly Hair Their Reviews Updated

A very gentle scrunch and hold while diffuse drying of your hair can work for locking in a soft bend in your wave. After that, i usually would take a handful of my curly hair and hold it up, then direct hot airflow to the bunch that i hold.

How To Diffuse Curly Hair Without A Diffuser

Diffuse until the hair is 80% dry and air dry for the remaining time.Dry on low or medium heat and air settings and cup up towards the scalp.Finally give your curls a cold blast.Find a hairdresser that understands curly hair.

Flip your hair to the opposite side and repeat steps two and three.Flip your head forward and repeat steps two and three.For a step by step tutorial on how i diffuse my curly hair, continue to read on.Gently bring the diffuser up to your scalp, and then turn the hairdryer on.

Hold in place for thirty seconds, turn the hairdryer off, take another small section of hair and repeat.How to diffuse curly hair.How to diffuse straight hair.How to hover diffuse wavy hair.

How to use a diffuser on curly hair.However, you can use a diffuser on wavy and straight hair, too.If you have naturally curly hair, you may know how awful using a regular blow dryer can be.If you’ve ever used a blow dryer without a diffuser you probably know what i’m talking about.

Instead, lift the diffuser up towards your roots, hold it still for as long as you can (at least 30 seconds) and then gently lower it and repeat on the next section.It’s best to start the drying process on wet (but not soaking wet) hair.I’ve been using a diffuser.Keep it moving, and keep the blowdryer several inches away to minimize frizz.

Keep the power reduced but change the heat setting to cool or cold.One is to use your hands as a makeshift diffuser to “cup” your hair.One of my most asked curly hair questions is always regarding blow drying and diffusing curls.People with curly hair tend to gravitate towards diffusers the most.

Repeat this process on one side then tilt head to the other side and continue.Set the dryer according to the settings mentioned above.Some curly girls will recommend waiting for your curls to set before going in with a diffuser (some say at least 30 minutes, others wait over an hour, that’s totally up to.Start with cleansed, wet hair.

The best diffuser for curly hair will depend on your hair type and.The first one is a plopping method that can help thick curly hair, and it might be used for an amount of time.The general idea with hover diffusing is to hover your diffuser around your hair, without touching it.The second one is by warping hair and squeeze out the remaining water without rubbing a towel on the hair strands.

Then flip your hair upside down for old time’s sakes and continue diffusing.Then scrunch with a cotton tee to absorb excess water.They blow the hair all over the place, create frizz, and cause damage.This is why the correct way to diffuse curly hair can make your locks pop.

This will work almost as well as a regular diffuser attachment!Tips to diffuse curly hair without frizzUse low heat until curls feel damp, not wet, and then switch to cold shot/mode.Use your free hand, the one not holding the blow dryer, to get a little opening at the roots for air flow.

Wash your hair and apply the products you normally do and scrunch your hair.When using a diffuser, you are spreading the air over a wider space, which means you can dry your hair more gently and without the hair moving around.Without using your fingers, gently gather a small section of curls by cupping it into the diffuser.You need to diffuse damp hair not wet hair.

You would just tilt your head sideways, gently cup the strainer around your hair, and rotate the blowdryer around the strainer.

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