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How To Grow Cilantro Indoors In Winter. As one of the best herbs to grow in your garden, you can sow cilantro seeds directly in the ground or in pots from spring to autumn, or grow the seeds in plug trays as part of your greenhouse ideas then transfer to the garden. Because cilantro seeds are sown so close together, full coverage like this will do the trick.

how to grow cilantro indoors in winter
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Being indoors, your cilantro will generally be safe from conditions that can harm it, such as heavy frosts and high heat and humidity. But you can also grow it in a small container on your windowsill.

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Checkout this guide to learn more about starting seeds and growing plants without soil and just water. Cilantro will also readily reseed itself if you allow the plant’s seed heads to mature.

How To Grow Cilantro Indoors In Winter

Herbs make fantastic indoor winter crops, and cilantro is one of the best.How to grow cilantro indoors and outdoors.I like to grow cilantro indoors using the aerogarden.If you aim to grow cilantro in december in the northern region of the united states, it is recommended that you use grow lights.

If you are growing cilantro indoors during the winter or in northern climates, you may need grow lights.If you use grow lights, allow for 14 hours under the grow light per day.In the heat of the south (or zones 9 and 10), the best planting times are in fall, winter, and early spring.In this video, i show you how you can grow the most luscious crop of cilantro, right from seed, indoors, any time of the year.

It’s best to use an unglazed terra cotta container when growing cilantro inside because it allows for greater moisture and air to pass through the roots.Like most herbs, its main growing period is during the warmer months.Next, remove the lower leaves, so the bottom half is just stem.Pinch or clip off cilantro 1 inch above the soil line.

Place in a glass of 3” of water, making sure the cut leaf spots are underwater.Place the glass on a bright windowsill and change the water every few days.Propagating is not recommended, but if you decide to grow indoors using transplants, it is recommended setting seedlings 8 inches apart.Seeds should be planted to a depth of about a quarter of an inch in a wide, deep pot.

Some gardeners pull up the entire plant or cut it below the soil line, but to regrow the plant, pinch or clip above the soil line.Sow cilantro every week through the growing season to keep a constant supply.The cilantro plant will grow taller and healthier once i add nutrients to the water but this was a fun experiment to show that herbs can grow indoors during winter.The planting season depends very much on your location.

Tips for growing cilantro indoors.Trays should have drainage holes, and be deep enough to support the cilantro root system.Ultimately, make sure that your plants are 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm.) apart.Use moderate light for harvesting foliage, bright light for flowering if.

Water the area where you planted seeds well and keep it consistently moist until the seeds germinate.When growing cilantro indoors, remember the most important things:When you grow cilantro indoors, start with seeds or starter plants.You can grow cilantro from start(sowing seeds) to end(harvesting) indoors during the months of harsh winters or summers, just find a spot in your home where it can get indirect sunlight or early morning sunlight and water when the soil is dry to the touch, overwatering and underwatering can damage your cilantro.


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