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How To Install Above Ground Pool Liner. A new pool liner is a great way to refresh the look of your above ground pool without spending a lot of money, especially if you diy it. Above ground swimming pools require a cove.

how to install above ground pool liner
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Confirm that the liner is the proper size and pattern. Do not take apart the rails at this time.

24 Round Pool Liner In 2020 Pool Liners Above Ground

Do not use any type of knife or sharp object to open the box. Drain pool and remove top rails.

How To Install Above Ground Pool Liner

Hang the liner over the wall making sure that the seam is straight up and do
wn, perpendicular to the floor.
Hang the liner over the wall of the pool with the seam straight up and down or perpendicular to the floor to ensure the liner goes over the wall straight.How long does it take to replace pool liner?How to install an above ground pool liner.

How to install your above ground pool liner before opening your liner box, check the label!If applicable, remove the existing liner from your pool.If it is incorrect, do not open the box.If this is not done, the first time you get into the pool, your feet will sink into the sand creating divots in the sand which could lead to wrinkles in your liner, and ultimately shorten the lifespan of.

If you have it professionally installed expect to pay the same again for labor.If your not sure how to do this watch our how to install a swimming pool liner video above.In fact, installing your own above ground pool liner can save you $1000 or more!Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.

Inspect all seams for tears and surfaces for holes.Install the liner on a warm, windless day.It is the most important part of above ground pools and has the potential to be the most frustrating.Keep the rails together at this time.

Layout liner and attach to rails.Liners must be handled carefully and installed properly to avoid damage to the vinyl.Make the fourth connection on the opposite wall to the third connection.Next connect a spot halfway between the first two.

Once you have emptied the pool which may take a while, to install a liner in an above ground pool should only take a few hours.Once you have the first connection in place, go to the opposite side of the pool and attach the liner.Once your pool walls are up and assembled, a cove is material placed against the inside walls of your pool’s perimeter that allows your liner to gently cascade down the pool wall, onto the angled cove, and then onto the sand base (instead of a 90 degree harsh angle from pool wall directly to the floor).Place it in the shallow or narrow end (if applicable).

Place the closed liner carton in the center of the pool.Place the top edge of the liner over the wall of the.Pool liner installation labor, basic basic labor to install pool liner with favorable site conditions.Pool liners are obviously not built to withstand water weight, they are simply made to line the inside of a pool to hold the water.

Position liner at deep end, outside the pool, with arrow facing the shallow end.Remove the rail assembly from the top of your pool and install the liner.Remove wrinkles and fill with water.Spread the liner out evenly around the pool and the center of the floor in the middle of your pool.

Start from the middle and working from side to side.Starting at the liner’s wall seam, place the liner on the top of the pool wall with the print side facing up and the flaps for the seams facing down.The average cost to install a liner in an above ground pool will range from $400 to $1,000 dependent on shape and size.The pool liner is basically a large bag made of vinyl that is designed to hold water within the pool’s frame.

The shiny side of the liner is the back which is placed against the sand, while the embossed side will hold the water.Then, unfold the liner across the length of the pool.There should be no air space between the vinyl pool liner and the base that it should be.Therefore, when installing a new swimming pool or a new above ground pool liner it is extremely important to make sure that the vinyl pool liner is supported by the proper height sand base.

To avoid damaging the liner, do not use a knife or anything sharp to open the carton.Unfold your pool liner and place it in the swimming pool.Unpack and unfold the liner and spread it out in the sun to warm up.Unroll the liner toward the other end of the pool and gently open it our making sure you do not disturb the level of the sand.

Unroll the liner toward the other end of the pool and gently open it out making sure you do not disturb the sand.With one or more people inside the pool, carefully remove the liner from the box, and pass it into the pool.


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