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How To Join The Mafia Family In Bitlife. (if you dont want to do this then dont join a mafia there is alot more to go). 134k members in the bitlifeapp community.

how to join the mafia family in bitlife
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After that, someone will maybe go up to you and offer you something to do for them and if you do that they will keep giving you stuff until they trust you enough you will be let in. Age up to 18 years old, and apply to join the mafia family of your choice.

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Age up to 18 years old; Being raided by the cops, an option on how you want to possibly escape from them, something like a secret door you have to act fast.

How To Join The Mafia Family In Bitlife

First, make sure to graduate high school or be at least 18 years old.First, you need to join the mafia in bitlife.Head to the occupations tab;Here’s how to join the mafia in bitlife:

Hit the join button to get approved or rejectedHit the organized crime option;How to become the rat in the mafia family.How to join a mafia?

However, you can start preparing for your career in the mob well before you turn 18.I guess this is a suggestion but i also think it would be really cool to implement.If you don’t know how to do it, take a look at this guide.If you’re looking to set your character up with an arranged marriage in bitlife, the easiest way to ensure that this happens is to select your character to be born into either india, afghanistan, pakistan, japan, iran, china, or saudi arabia.

In case you wish to join a mafia, then make sure your character is over 18 in age.In every mafia, there’s a rule where you must contribute to the family, and in return, get some money back.In rare cases, a mafia will instead ask your character to join themselves.In this method, you will have to work with the police and give them some solid evidence against the mafia family to bring.

In which case you should probably just go ahead and find a cyanide pill and a gun so you can join the mafia.Joining the bitlife mafia is a lot easier than you might think.Joining the mafia isn’t necessarily guaranteed, even if you meet all the requirements.Learn how to join mafia family within a few simple steps.

Much like becoming a pro athlete or musician, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to join one of the various crime syndicates in the bitlife universe — the irish mob, the latin mafia, the regular (italian) mafia, the russian mafia, the triad, or the yakuza.Next, you need to pay them weekly half of what you make.Now you can be a member of the mafia with the bitlife mafia update.Now you’re ready to join a mafia family.

Once you have reached the said age, go into the occupation tab and search for special careers, and then select the organized crime option.Once you have successfully joined the mafia, you will start at the lowest rank as an associate, so you will have to work hard to increase.Once you have successfully joined the mob, you will start at the lowest rank of the mob, as an associate, so you will have to work hard to increase your rank.Once you reach 18, you need to head over to the ‘occupations’ tab and follow these steps:

Once you reach the said age, follow the instruction given below to join a mafia:Once your character turns 18, you’ll have the option to join one of the six mafia factions available in the game.Read on for a full guide to the ins and outs of the mafia update in bitlife!Scroll down and select special careers;

Select whatever family you want from the menu, and choose a method for applying.Slowly climb up the rankings with a notoriety bar.The criminal underworld of bitlife even has its own mafias.The first method requires you to join the mafia family, which you can join as a confidential informant.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you get through life and into adulthood with decent body and mind stats.The mafia would be available if you chose italy as where you were born and then if you move to america.The process is pretty simple, but in short, you need to commit crimes while you’re young.The process is quite simple but if you don’t know how to join the mafia in bitlife then you can click on the link.

The worse your education and poverty, the higher chance of being.There are plenty of other countries where you might receive an arranged marriage proposal from your family, depending on if your character is a first.To be an eligible candidate, you need to start committing petty crimes as you grow up.To become the don and godfather in bitlife, you will need to join the mafia family first.

To become the don and the godfather in bitlife, you must first join a mafia family.To collect evidence, you need to click on the mafia organization, and pick on any of the family members.To join the mafia, first, you have to be a minimum of 18 years old;To select a faction, go to occupations, then select special careers and choose organized crime. from here, you’ll be able to select between the irish mob, the mafia, the latin mafia, the triad, the yazuka, and the russian mob.

To start you need to focus on having ok stats.To welcome any of the mafia families in bitlife, you’ll have to commit several crimes.Under occupations, click on the ‘special careers’ option.We can slowly climb from a drug dealer on the street to the leader of our own gang or crime family.

We were able to kill several npcs and commit smaller crimes, like robbing people’s homes or grand theft.When you become 18 years old, click on the “occupation” tab, and scroll down until.When you join the mafia in bitlife, it’s likely taken you a bit of effort.When you want to join the mafia in bitlife, you need to do some planning.

When you’re ready to join a mafia, it’s a little bit easier than trying to find them out on the street.When you’re ready, hit the try to join them button.You are able to join a mafia by requesting to enter in several different ways.You can also be approached, rarely, by a mafia crime member to join prior to hitting this five crime threshold.

You have a few options, such as washing their cars, to show your interest in joining.You would need a criminal record to receive the prompt to join the mafia.Your character must’ve done at least 5 crimes before joining a mafia.You’ve probably committed a handful of crimes, but now, you have to commit those crimes in the name of one of the.

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