How To Make Tumbler Cups With Glitter 2021

How To Make Tumbler Cups With Glitter. 1 how to make a glitter tumbler. 2 materials needed for glitter tumblers.

how to make tumbler cups with glitter
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5 out of 5 stars. A tumbler turner can make creating glitter tumblers so much easier and give you much better results.


Adding the glitter to a tumbler. All cups will be provided and.

How To Make Tumbler Cups With Glitter

Be sure to press down the glitter into the epoxy;Carefully squirt about an inches worth into the hole in the bottom of the tumbler.Cup turners and making accessories too.Custom tumbler cups • epoxy cup making turners, accessories, tutorials.

Epoxy can take up to 72 hours to fully cure depending on the temperature of your room.Find out how to make a tumbler t
urner here.Get your second color of glitter and create another ring of glitter along the top edge of your tumbler, about 1” thick.Have you ever wondered how to make those beautiful glitter cups you see on etsy selling for $50 and up?

How to make a glitter tumbler with epoxy.I put a little bit of mod podge in a separate bowl and use a flat paintbrush to put it on.I recommend allowing the resin to cure for a few days up to a week before use.If adding a vinyl decal, be sure to add a layer of epoxy over the glitter first.

If you want in on the action it’s pretty easy.In this tutorial, i’ll take you step by step on how to make diy glitter tumblers, from how to spray paint the cups to a few video tutorials on how to apply the epoxy (click here!).Leopard glitter tumbler, milky way tumbler, personalized gifts, custom epoxy tumbler, tumbler cups, coffee tumbler, tumbler, wyldthingcreations.Make sure you have a container or wax paper underneath the mug to catch your glitter!

Making ombre glitter tumblers is another fun way to add more color.Mix your epoxy using equal parts a and b.Next mix 4 oz of water with 2 oz of clear elmer’s glue in a fine tip squirt bottle.Next, working with one section at a time, use a sponge brush to apply the mod podge paint mixture and then immediately sprinkle the corresponding glitter to it.

Now, set the tumbler somewhere safe and clean for 24 hours to fully cure.Once all the sections are covered with glitter allow the cup to dry for at least 20 minutes.Once it’s cured, place the lid back on and enjoy!Once the tumbler is dry, it is time to add the glitter.

Once you have a thin and even coat around the entire tumbler, allow the cup turner to run until your resin is completely dry.Once you sign up, your guests will fill out a brief survey detailing what size of cup they will design, and at your party we will discuss colors and our team will guide you through every step!Order your tumbler cup today!Personalized tumblers in glitter, fabric, and other mediums.

Place custom confetti in the cut hole.Put it a little outside of your glitter line so that the epoxy will lock in the glitter.Put the glitter on the paper into a cup and save it for later.Remember to press the tape down well.

Repeat the process for coating the tumbler cup with epoxy.See more ideas about diy cups, glitter tumbler cups, glitter cups.See more ideas about diy cups, tumbler cups diy, glitter tumbler cups.Spray your tumbler with a clear coat to seal the smoke.

Sprinkle or spoon in the glitter mixture.Stir gently until the mixture is clear.Then add the tumbler to the tumbler turner.Then add your decal and then and a final layer of epoxy over the top of the decal.

Then if any glitter is still rough on the surface, sand it smooth.These tumblers and cups and dog bowls are very high end, double insulated,.Tilt your tumbler so it as a 45 degree angle, this time with the bottom of the tumbler tipped down.Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler and remove the papers from inside.

Use a variety of glitter, i liked having some chunky and some regular;Using a funnel add glitter until you have 1/2 to 1 of glitter in there.Visit our tumbler party page to sign up to host or attend!We mixed a bunch of different colors, shapes and sizes.

When glittering the tumbler, cup, glassware, dog bowl, custom tumblers will let you pick out your favorite colors, add a picture, add your name, your dog’s name, or other ideas you might have!While your epoxy is still tacky, apply your glitter to the tumbler.Why make a diy glitter tumbler?You don’t want anything too big (it won’t fit inside the tumbler).

Your epoxy won’t evenly dry without a cup spinner.

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