How To Winterize A Hot Tub With Antifreeze 2021

How To Winterize A Hot Tub With Antifreeze. A garden hose will facilitate draining from your hot tub’s drainage plug. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner will help suck as much water as possible out of your tub, your jets, and your pipes.

how to winterize a hot tub with antifreeze
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Absorbent towels to sop up any lingering water from the bottom of your spa. Add a dose of shock and run the pump for an hour.

Details About Hot Tub Antifreeze NonToxic Winterizer

And the best solution is not to winterize your hot tub at all, but to run it through the winter. Apply it before placing the spa cover over it.

How To Winterize A Hot Tub With Antifreeze

Drain the air blower too.Drain water with a garden hose;Drain water with a sump pump;Freeze damage on spa plumbing and equipment is a real possibility, especially with this brutal winter that gripped a lot of the u.s.

Go to your spa equipment pack.Here are the steps for winterizing your hot tub and using antifreeze to help avoid blocked or frozen pipes:Here are the steps we recommend to prepare your spa for the winter.How do you flush antifreeze out of a hot tub?

How to winterize a hot tub.However, the hot tub is full of antifreeze.If your hot tub has been winterized, you must remove the antifreeze from the system before filling it with water.If you’re not feeling so ambitious or confident in your diy skills, then give us a call.

Just make sure you don’t overfill it.Leave a large terrycloth towel in a lump in the bottom of the footwell to soak up any additional water that might get in.Lift the tub covers to remove the filters and clean them.Make sure you put it only if you are closing the unit for the season.

Once all the moisture is out, take one of the jets out, put a funnel with a hose on it where the jet was, and add a half gallon of antifreeze.Once the antifreeze is out of the lines, you must drain the water before refilling.Opening a hot tub is a lot easier than closing, and a lot less stressful, after you see that nothing’s leaking that is!Prepare the hot tub for winterization:

Remove and soak the filter in chemicals.Remove the cartridge filter from the spa and make sure that all the water is out of the filter canister compartment.Secure the tub’s cover and let it stay over winter.Splash ® blue antifreeze is made to winterize water systems for your pool or hot tub and is safe for:.

Sure it may cost more to heat, but there is that great feeling of being out in the snow in.The easiest way to do this is to spray water on the seats and footwell and spray water into each jet of the seats.Then you can proceed to fill it with water.Things that will be needed:

This method will surely prevent the bursting of pipes or damage to any other equipment of the hot tub.This thoroughly cleans the plumbing to avoid bacteria and mold growth.Thoroughly clean it out and refill.To begin, you need to prepare to winterize your hot tub well before winter arrives.

To clear out antifreeze, first, fill the pipes.To winterize a hot tub, switch off the power and then drain all the water using a sump pump.Use the propylene glycol antifreeze (6 gallons) and a funnel and pour the antifreeze down each jet, your filter standpipes, and any other opening through which water may enter or leave your spa.Using a clean, absorbent towel, wipe any remaining moisture from your hot tub shell.

We have to thoroughly drain the hot tub first.Why you should winterize a hot tub;Winter is over and you want to use the hot tub again.Winterize a hot tub process.

Winterizing a hot tub is not on our minds as we bask
in the summer heat.
With the handrails out of the way, it’s easier to cover and protect your hot tub.Yes, you can use antifreeze.You can use your regular garden hose to do this.

You have to drain the hot tub, and then it has to be completely vacuumed with a wet/dry vac.You need to circulate the water and drain the tub.

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