How To Care For Baby Lionhead Bunnies References

How To Care For Baby Lionhead Bunnies. A baby lionhead will need regular grooming in addition to general care to prevent mats forming in the mane. A cage should be big enough for a rabbit to stand up in and take three hops across the flooring of the cage.

how to care for baby lionhead bunnies
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A healthy diet is essential to the health of your pet rabbit. A rabbit also needs room for daily exercise.

2 Weeks Old Baby Lionhead Bunny Rabbit Lionhead Bunny

Add a safe, recycled brand of bedding to the cage and never use the cedar or pine varieties, since they can cause respiratory problems for lionheads. An advantage that lionhead bunnies have over other wool bunnies is that they do not require a lot of extensive grooming, even after they reach adulthood.