How To Plant Milkweed Seeds Outdoors Ideas

How To Plant Milkweed Seeds Outdoors. 10 simple steps for fall planting milkweed. After you’ve sown your milkweed seeds, you need to compact them into the soil (but don’t cover them!) to help with germination.

how to plant milkweed seeds outdoors
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Asclepias seeds need a period of cold to become viable, with some added moisture. Clear away any mulch or rocks from the area which could potentially block the growth of a small seedling.

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Cover with 1/4 inch of soil on top of the seed. Do not cover them with anything including mulch.

How To Care For Cactus Outdoors 2021

How To Care For Cactus Outdoors. A good method is to water a cactus as follows: As part of your care of christmas cactus outside, you’ll need to water christmas cactus when the soil is on the dry side, but not bone dry.

how to care for cactus outdoors
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But if you just need to boost humidity a little bit for your plant, you can place a dish of wet pebbles underneath its pot. Cactus care and pruning is sometimes similar and usually discussed when advising how to prune a succulent.

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Cactus plants do the majority of their growing during the spring, summer and fall, so fertilize during these seasons. Christmas cactus outdoor care involves regular inspection for pests.

How To Winterize A Hot Tub Outdoors References

How To Winterize A Hot Tub Outdoors. A dirty hot tub is a perfect breeding spot for germs. A garden hose will facilitate draining from your hot tub’s drainage plug.

how to winterize a hot tub outdoors
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A quality hot tub cover will provide a good protection and will keep your heating costs down. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner will help suck as much water as possible out of your tub, your jets, and your pipes.

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Absorbent towels to sop up any lingering water from the bottom of your spa. Almost everyone cleans their hot tub but if you are not doing it right, you are not just damaging your hot tub but also exposing yourself to dangers like skin irritation, infections and, in the most extreme cases, severe pneumonia and stds.

How To Grow Lavender From Seed Outdoors 2021

How To Grow Lavender From Seed Outdoors. (read my article for the solutions for dying lavender). A good rule of thumb is to plant them as far apart as they will grow tall.

how to grow lavender from seed outdoors
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A good rule of thumb is to water when the soil (not the plant), appears dry, watering at the base of the plant to limit. Additionally, you can plant your lavender in a clay or terracotta pot to help wick moisture away from the soil and keep it from getting too wet.

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After planting, water regularly, especially in dry weather, for the first season. All pruning can be carried out in the autumn.

How To Grow Basil From Seed Outdoors 2021

How To Grow Basil From Seed Outdoors. >>> see full herb grow guide list <<< growing basil. Basil (ocimum basilicum) is one of the easiest and beneficial herbs to grow.

how to grow basil from seed outdoors
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Basil can be grown very easily as an indoor plant. Basil is amazingly easy to grow from seed.

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Basil is probably the winning herb to grow in a container. Basil is versatile and grows well in a wide variety of conditions.

How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs Outdoors References

How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs Outdoors. A member of the iridaceae family, plants in the genus gladiolus also go by the name flag flower and sword lily. Can gladiolus bulbs grow in water?

how to plant gladiolus bulbs outdoors
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Click to see full answer. Corms can be planted outdoors starting in early may.

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Cover with 2 of soil. Cover with soil and press firmly.

How To Keep Succulents Alive Outdoors References

How To Keep Succulents Alive Outdoors. Also the temperature that is too cold for your succulents depends on the type of succulents. Although succulents can live in pots without the drain hole, it is much harder to keep them alive, since as we mentioned earlier the worst enemy of succulents is moisture, and without this hole in the pot, the substrate will take longer in drying, which can cause rotting of the roots of your succulent.

how to keep succulents alive outdoors
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Always keep these plants in the shade when in extremely hot weather approaches as it is in arizona. An easy way to keep yourself on a regular watering schedule is to use a.

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August 14, 2014 august 14, 2014 alpajews. But some people still have trouble keeping their succulents alive simply because they don’t have the proper understanding of how to care for them.

How To Keep Cats Away From Plants Outdoors 2021

How To Keep Cats Away From Plants Outdoors. (interplanting can attract pollinators and other beneficial insects too.) cats steer clear of strong citrus scents. A few other ways to deter cats

how to keep cats away from plants outdoors
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A herbal diversion can work wonders. A surprising number of plants, including landscape and houseplant favorites, are toxic and even lethal if rover or fluffy decides they’re edible.

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Again, you can also incorporate plants that cats dislike. Another plant that works particularly well at repelling cats is rue, also known as common rue and herb of grace or to give the plant it’s proper name ruta graveolens.

How To Waterproof Wood Furniture For Outdoors 2021

How To Waterproof Wood Furniture For Outdoors. Acacia is an excellent, sustainable wood. After allowing the oil to sit for an hour or so, pick up some clean rags and begin to “rub” the residual oil into the wood’s surface.

how to waterproof wood furniture for outdoors
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After this is complete, allow the waterproofing finish to dry for up to 24 hours. After washing, keep the furniture in shade and not in direct sunlight.

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Allow the wood to heal for at least thirty minutes so that the oil can properly settle into it then use a clean cloth to wipe the surface and remove any excess oil. Apply two coats of your paint or sealant, and that should cover it.

How To Make A Pizza Oven Outdoors 2021

How To Make A Pizza Oven Outdoors. 1 ceramic fibre board 1260 1200mm x 1000mm Allow the pizza to rest 5 minutes before cutting and serving.

how to make a pizza oven outdoors
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And with your own pizza oven, it’s easy and fun to make. As soon as you notice the bottom of the pizza getting dark, if you’d like the top of the pizza to have a few more minutes, use a metal pizza peel to tilt the pizza up off the stone.

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Building an outdoor brick pizza oven is a great and comparatively cheap summer project. But preheat your stone in advance for at least 15 minutes and have it at 260 degrees before placing it on.”.