How To Cut Guinea Pigs Nails References

How To Cut Guinea Pigs Nails. 6 steps of how to cut the nails. Although guinea pigs are wiggly, holding them is not so difficult.

how to cut guinea pigs nails
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Another way to know where to cut is to look for an indented line in the dead bit of nail, this should be easy to spot as it will be dryer and lighter than the rest of the nails surface. Apart from the light trick and especially with adult/older piggies you can also judge from which point dark nails are dead by seeing growth markings appear whereas the live part of a nail is always smooth.

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As a result, you can safely cut its nails. As guinea pigs age, their nails become more brittle and more prone to breakage.

Are Guinea Pigs Easy To Potty Train Ideas

Are Guinea Pigs Easy To Potty Train. A guinea pig’s cage can be a messy and unhealthy place to live without proper potty training. Although a lot of guinea pigs are potty trained (read here how to potty train guinea pigs), they still might go outside the litter box if they get too excited.

are guinea pigs easy to potty train
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As they grow and develop, they don’t just use the restroom as haphazardly as a rabbit might, for example. Bathroom training guinea pigs is possible to do, though it might take some time.

How To Poop Potty Or Litter Box Train Your Guinea Pigs

Before you litter train your guinea pig, you have to decide where you want to place their potty area. Cats are well trained and voluntarily go to their litter boxes when they want to poop.

How To Wash Fleece Blanket For Guinea Pigs References

How To Wash Fleece Blanket For Guinea Pigs. Above, revy demonstrates how we’ve been using them as an additional layer for urine absorption. Apple cider vinegar can be used in place of detergent as it is a good stain and odor remover.

how to wash fleece blanket for guinea pigs
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Before putting the fleece liners in your guinea pig cage, it is recommended to wash and dry the liners at least three times before putting them in the cage, using a mild detergent. Before you place the fleece in your guinea pig’s cage, you need to wash and dry it a minimum of three times.

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Brush them with a broom or. Check after drying to see if the fleece is ready by pouring a small amount of water on it.