How To Prevent Bunions In Pointe Shoes 2021

How To Prevent Bunions In Pointe Shoes. ** when you first see bunions appearing, you can tape your toe straight when wearing pointe shoes and try a less tapered shoe to see if that helps. A bunion (hallux valgus) is an abnormal lump of bone that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe, which can become quite red and inflamed.

how to prevent bunions in pointe shoes
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A ‘real’ bunion is when the end part of the big toe begins to angle in towards the other toes, and the knuckle of the toe (head of the first metatarsal) drifts. As explained by the fitter, the purpose of the high shoe box is to prevent bunions from occurring as it keeps all your toes straight as opposed to a low toe box (usually stopping below the first metatarsal bone) as it causes the bone to jut out when on pointe.

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Beginning to wear a spacer early in a dancer’s pointe career can prevent bunions from forming, so at about $3 for a set of 2 or $6 for a set of 4, spacers are great investments that keep feet healthy in the long run. But there are exercises your doctor can recommend to ensure proper alignment and better stability, both when wearing pointe shoes and as part of every day.