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How To Find A Domain Of A Relation. (a, b) ∈ r} and range (r) = {b : (a, b) ∈ r} the domain of relation from a to b is a subset of a.

how to find a domain of a relation
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3x = y;x,y ∈ a} ∴ r ={(1,3),(2,6),(3,9),(4,12)} the domain of r is the set of all first elements of the ordered pairs in the relation. 3x−y = 0;x,y ∈ a} i.e., r = {(x,y):

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A = {(blue, john), (green, william), (brown,wilson), (blue, moy), (brown, abraham), (green, dutt)}. A relation f is said to be a function if each element in set a is associated with only one element in set b.