How To Measure A Tapered Lampshade 2021

How To Measure A Tapered Lampshade. (top) x (bottom) x (side) if you are replacing an existing lampshade it may help to measure it first. Below are some of the lampshades that were custom created for our clients/customers.

how to measure a tapered lampshade
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Bespoke shades of this nature have a wire ring top and bottom that is formed to any shape including bespoke squares, bespoke rectangular lampshades, ovals, bespoke coolie lampshade, drums and tapered drums. Calculate this by measuring the widest part of your lamp base and multiplying it by two.

A Smooth Tapered Base Finish Beautifully Reflects The

Choosing your lampshade’s diameter (width) your lampshade should be at least 2x wider than the widest part of the base. Create a flat paper model of your current lampshade.